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Underwater lighting makes it possible to enjoy water gardens as much at night as during the day. For general-purpose illumination of waterfalls and fountains in backyard garden ponds, low-voltage lights are the best choice since they are economical to operate, safe to install, and easy to conceal. For floating fountains and very large waterfalls, line-voltage lights are essential to obtain adequate illumination.

low voltage light   transformer

low-voltage light
and transformer

LOW-VOLTAGE LIGHTS: We offer a superior-quality, ultra-compact, low voltage (12 vac), 20 watt, halogen lights that can be adjusted from a spotlight (20° beam) to a floodlight (40° beam). For a dramatic effect, aim lights at a waterfall, or mount them on the base of an Oase pump and fountain assembly to light the water display from below. Note that unlike other underwater lights, these lights can also be used out of the water for general landscape lighting: included plastic stakes facilitate in-ground installation. Each light is supplied with 15-foot power cord that must be connected to a weatherproof transformer mounted on a post or building wall near the pond. We recommend our 60 watt transformer (one to three lights) or our 200 watt transformer (four to ten lights) which include a ground shield for safety and a built-in timer for energy efficiency.

line voltage lightfountain lights

line-voltage lights

LINE-VOLTAGE LIGHTS: Our heavy-duty 120 watt line-voltage spotlight (9° beam) is ideal where higher light levels are needed. We stock individual lights with a 15-foot power cord, as well as sets of three lights at the end of a 75, 100, or 150 foot power cord designed to be mounted on floating fountains. On special order we can supply custom-daisy chained configurations with lights up to 500 watts connected by any length of power cords. Line-voltage lights must be used underwater.


Adjustable Halogen Light, 20 watt - $88.00
LED Light, 4 watt - $84.00
Transformer for LED Lights, 20 watt - $32.00
Splitter for LED Lights, 3-way - $12.00
Transformer for Halogen Lights, 60 watt - $call
Transformer for Halogen Lights, 200 watt - $136.00
Photocell Controller for 200 watt transformer - $14.00
Line Voltage Halogen Light, 120 watt - $148.00











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