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A floating fountain consists of a pump and fountain nozzle mounted on a molded plastic float anchored in the middle of a pond. Besides providing an exciting water display, floating fountains aerate and circulate pond water, promoting the growth of natural bacteria that purify the water and control the accumulation of organic matter. When the fish population is low, a properly sized floating fountain can be sufficient to keep a pond attractive and odor free.

pond jet floating fountain

Pond Jet

We offer four fountains, all with oil-free pumps and three-year warranties. The Pond Jet is a light-duty fountain designed for ponds smaller than 3000 square feet: it features a super-efficient 2.6 amp 115 volt motor. The Mini heavy-duty fountains use the same float as the Pond Jet, but incorporate more powerful pumps with large inlet strainers designed to draw from deep in the pond (four-foot minimum depth). The 1/2 HP version (1200w/115v) is recommended for ponds up to 10,000 square feet; the 1 HP unit (1900w/230v) is recommended for ponds up to 20,000 square feet. The Midi 2 HP heavy-duty fountain (2700w/230v) features a more powerful pump with a much larger float and strainer and is suitable for ponds up to 40,000 square feet with five-foot minimum depth. Floating fountains up to 15 HP are available.

mini floating fountain

1/2 HP + 1 HP Mini

midi floating fountain

2 HP Midi

An arch fountain nozzle and a 75 foot power cord are included with the Pond Jet, but nozzles and cords must be ordered separately with all other fountains. Automatic controls are included with all fountains except the Pond Jet. Lights are available for a spectacular nighttime display.

trumpet geyser fountain pattern


grand geyser fountain pattern

Grand Geyser

arch fountain pattern



wide trumpet fountain pattern

Wide Trumpet


Fountain Size (feet)
  Arch Grand Geyser Wide Trumpet Trumpet Jet
Pond Jet 10d x 10h - - -
1/2 HP 14d x 11h 4d x 8h 15d x 2h 22d x 10h
1 HP 21d x 18h 5d x 12h 26d x 3h 26d x 16h
2 HP 26d x 20h 6d x 18h 36d x 6h 36d x 22h



1/2 HP Mini Fountain with auto timer, 10 ft cord - $1200.00
2 HP Midi Fountain with auto timer, 150 ft cord - $4800.00
Three-Light Set, 3 x 120w, 75 ft cord - $480.00
Cord for Mini Fountains, 12/4, 100 ft - $300.00
Cord for Midi Fountains, 12/4, 150 ft - $480.00
Arch Nozzle - $248.00
Sky Cascade Nozzle - $248.00
Trumpet Geyser Nozzle - $248.00
Wide-Trumpet Nozzle - $248.00


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