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These full-size handcrafted brass fountains are cast in Thailand by skilled artisans using the ancient lost wax method which accurately renders even the finest details. The standard finish is a beautiful bronze/green weathered look called "verdigris" (except for the lazy frog which consists of a bronze frog on a verdigris lily pad). Each is supplied fully plumbed and can be operated with our smallest submersible pumps.

For a realistic appearance, stand the cranes or ducks in shallow water near the pond edge, support the swan and the crouching frog on an inconspicuous base in deeper water, and position the turtles and jumping frog on a rock just outside the pond. For a more whimsical look, mount the lazy frog, hippo head, or swimming fish in deep water. The leaping fish and lazy frog can be used as an alternative to a conventional fountainhead in the center of a small formal pond.


Ruffled Swan (26" long)


Crane Pair (42" tall)



lazy frog

Crouching Frog (14" long)

jumping frog

Jumping Frog (12" long)


Hippo Head (18" long)




Turtle (12" long)


lazy frog

Lazy Frog on Lily Pad (14" long)


Duck Pair (18" long each)

swimming fish

Swimming Fish (14" long)


leaping fish

Leaping Fish (12" tall)





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