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A fountain pond is a body of water with a fountain shooting water into the air. Since wind can blow fountain spray a considerable distance, fountain ponds are typically found on estates and commercial properties with considerable open space. For the most natural appearance, the pond should be located in a flat area at the lowest part of the site. The depth should be at least 48" and the width should be at least four times the fountain height.

In the illustration, the pond is excavated in a bowl shape, protection fabric is laid over the soil, and the fabric is covered with a rubber pond liner. For larger ponds, several pond liners are seamed to obtain sufficient size. A floating fountain draws cool water from several feet below the surface and projects it upward and outward. In contact with air, the water releases gases and absorbs oxygen. When the water falls on the pond surface it is still cooler than the surface water, so it sinks, carrying oxygen to the bottom and completing the loop.

FOUNTAIN POND KITS: We can custom design a complete kit with everything required to build a fountain pond of any size and shape. Typical components are shown below: click on an image to title for more information. When construction is completed, we can also ship a package of appropriate plants.

rubber roll

rubber liners

protection fabric

protection fabrics


midi fountain

floating fountains

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