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An alternative to overlap seaming with Seam Tape is butt seaming with laminate tape. The two sheets of rubber are positioned edge to edge and 6” wide laminate tape is applied over the joint so that it overlaps each sheet by 3”. Proper cleaning is essential: use only toluene, naptha, or white gasoline. Do not use any other solvents since they may prevent proper adhesion! After the tape is applied, the seam must be be rolled with considerable pressure using a 2” to 3” wide steel roller.


apply adhesive

STEP 1:  Fold back the two sheets and
apply adhesive to the rubber and the roof.



unfold first side

STEP 2:  Flip back one side
to make contact with the roof.



unfold second side

STEP 3:  Flip back the other side
to make contact with the roof.



roll surface

STEP 4:  Roll both sheets
firmly to bond the adhesive.



trim overlap

STEP 5:  Use a sharp utility knife
to cut the overlapping rubber.



clean surface

STEP 6:  Clean the surface of both
sheets at least 6” on either side.



apply tape

STEP 7:  Apply 6” wide Cured Laminate Tape with
the tacky side down, stripping the release paper.



roll tape

STEP 8:  Firmly roll the
surface of the Laminate Tape.


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