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Inside corners that cannot be flashed with molded inside corners or by folding, such as the intersection of a sloped roof valley with a flat roof, can be sealed with multiple layers of Uncured Laminate Tape. This is a 6” wide self-adhesive lamination of uncured EPDM rubber and Butyl seam tape that has no “memory” so it can be permanently stretched into a three-dimensional corner. If the corner disc shown is stretched significantly, apply a second layer to compensate for thinning.


clean surfaces

STEP 1:  Clean all surfaces with
toluene, naptha, or white gasoline.



place disc

STEP 2:  Cut a 4” round disc of Uncured
Laminate Tape and remove the release paper.



press disc in corner

STEP 3:  Firmly press the center
of the tape disc into the corner.



form disc

STEP 4:  Form the tape disc against
all surfaces and their intersections.



clean disc

STEP 5:  Clean the
surface of the tape disc



place tape on wall

STEP 6:  Press a folded piece of Laminate
Tape onto one surface, tacky surface out.



unfold wall tape

STEP 7:  Unfold the tape slowly,
avoiding bridging at the corner.



press wall tape

STEP 8:  Fully unfold the tape and
press it into the second surface.



place upper wall tape

STEP 9:  Clean the tape surface and
apply a second overlapping tape.



roll all tapes

STEP 10:  Firmly roll all
surfaces of all tapes.



caulk all edges
STEP 11:  Caulk all edges with
Silicone Caulk for EPDM.


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