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Large round penetrations, such as ventilation pipes, can be sealed by overlapping several pieces of Uncured Laminate Tape. To waterproof higher than 4” from the roof surface, clean the base layer of tape and apply additional tape over top, overlapping two inches. If the penetration must be isolated from the roof for fire safety, such as is the case with prefabricated insulated metal chimneys, apply the tape to a vented metal flashing instead of directly to the penetration.


caulk around pipe

STEP 1:  Caulk the joint between the
penetration and the roof deck.



clean rubber

STEP 2:  Clean the rubber
surrounding the penetration.



apply first tape

STEP 3:  Apply the first piece of tape
with 2” of the tacky side folded out.



unfold first tape

STEP 4:  Unfold the tape, stretching the flap
to create a flange around the penetration.



form first tape

STEP 5:  Press the tape firmly in place
so it does not bridge at the bottom.



clean first tape

STEP 6:  Clean the surface
of the tape just applied.



apply second tape

STEP 7:  Apply a second tape
overlapping the first piece by 2”.



unfold second tape

STEP 8:  Unfold the second tape
and press it firmly in place.



form second tape

STEP 9:  Form the second tape, clean the first two
tapes, and then apply a third tape, overlapping both.



roll tapes

STEP 10:  Roll all of the tapes
to the roof and the penetration.



caulk tapes

STEP 11:  Caulk the perimeter on the roof
and the penetration, plus all overlaps


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