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The simplest and most reliable way to get water off a roof is to let it run over an edge. Where this is not practical, such as for roofs surrounded on four sides by parapet walls, the next best choice is to use a roof drain designed for rubber roofs. We offer three superior quality PVC drains with sockets to fit 3”, 4”, or 6” PVC pipe, all with well-designed clamping rings that securely seal the rubber to the drain body. The center of a roof drain must be at least 8” from a wall or other change in slope.

layout rubber

STEP 1:  Install the drain body flush with the roof surface and glue EPDM over
top, applying adhesive to the rubber and to the roof deck around the drain.


cut circle

STEP 2:  Cut out the rubber covering the center
opening of the drain, using a utility knife.



slit screw holes

STEP 3:  Make a small slit over
each threaded brass insert.



start screws

STEP 4:  Push a hex bolt
halfway through each slit.



apply caulk

STEP 5:  Clean the under the rubber and
apply a ring of Silicone Caulk for EPDM.



insert bolts

STEP 6:  Start the hex bolts
into the threaded inserts.



lower clamping ring

STEP 7:  Lower the clamping ring over the
bolt heads and rotate the ring into position.



tighten screws

STEP 8:  Tighten the clamping ring hex
bolts, one turn at a time around the circle.



lower strainer

STEP 9:  If the roof has no covering,
lower the leaf dome into place.



tighten strainer bolts

STEP 10:  Carefully tighten
the leaf dome hex bolts.


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