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Posts have four outside corners and are flashed with a procedure similar to that described in TAPED OUTSIDE CORNERS. Uncured Laminate Tape, a 6” wide self-adhesive lamination of uncured EPDM rubber and Butyl seam tape, is applied to each of the four sides of the post and stretched around the corners. In cold weather, a hot air gun or hair dryer should be used to help stretch the tape. If the posts are set in from the roof edge, the rubber roof sheet must be slit and then patched.



adhere rubber

STEP 1:  Cut the post opening, slit to the
edge of the sheet, and apply adhesive.



clean rubber

STEP 2:  Bond the sheet in
place, then clean the surface.



tape first side

STEP 3:  Tape one wall with 2” of the tacky
side folded out, extending 2” past the corner.



press first tape

STEP 4:  Unfold the tape
and bond it to the roof sheet.



wrap first tape

STEP 5:  Wrap the tape around the corner,
stretching it to contact the roof and wall.



wrap second tape

STEP 6:  Tape the opposite wall the same
way, wrapping around the opposite corners.



wrap third tape

STEP 7:  Clean both tape surfaces
and apply tape on the third side.




wrap fouth tape

STEP 8:  Apply tape on the fourth side
and wrap around onto the first two sides.



tape slit

STEP 9:  Place a length of tape over
the slit and pull the release paper.



roll tapes

STEP 10:  Roll all surfaces
firmly with a steel roof roller.



caulk edges

STEP 11:  Caulk the perimeter of
the tape as well as the overlap seam.


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