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The simplest and most reliable way to make inside corners is to fold the rubber and clamp it to the walls. However, this technique creates triangular “ears” that are subject to damage, require careful counter-flashing, and are not very attractive. We recommend folding corners on roofs with coverings that conceal and protect the folds, such as wood decks, pavers decks, or planting systems. If the corners will be visible or cannot be reliably counterflashed, cut the ears off and use molded corners.


apply adhesive to upper fold
STEP 1:  Position the rubber as shown
and apply adhesive to the upper fold.



strip paper from termination tape
STEP 1:  Strip the protective
paper from the Termination Tape



lift rubber onto wall
STEP 2:  Lift the upper
fold onto the wall.



press rubber into tape
STEP 3:  Press the rubber
into the Termination Tape.



apply adhesive to second side
STEP 4:  Apply adhesive to the other side.



lift second side

STEP 5:  Lift the second side,
avoiding contact near the corner.



press second side into tape
STEP 6:  Press the second side against wall,
forming an “ear” at the corner.



create ear in corner
STEP 7:  Pinch the corner to
bond the adhesive inside.



fold ear against wall
STEP 8:  Fold the ear against one
wall, completely flattening the fold



caulk ear

STEP 9:  Caulk the top edge of the
fold with Silicone Caulk for EPDM.



screw termination bar
STEP 10:  Screw a Termination Bar
through both sides of the corner.


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