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We generally eliminate field seaming by fabricating each roof as a single sheet. However, when seaming is unavoidable it is possible to permanently join two sheets of EPDM rubber in the field by applying Seam Tape between the sheets. Proper cleaning is essential: use only toluene, naptha, or white gasoline. Do not use any other solvents since they may prevent proper adhesion! After the tape is applied, the seam must be be rolled with considerable pressure using a 2” to 3” wide steel roller.


position sheets

STEP 1:  Lap one sheet over the
other, overlapping 3” to 4”.



fold back

STEP 2:  Fold back the upper sheet
far enough that it stays in place.



clean exposed surfaces

STEP 3:  Clean the underside of the top
sheet and at least 6” of the bottom sheet.



apply seam tape

STEP 4:  Apply seam tape to the top
sheet, overlapping the edge 1/8” to 1/4”.



roll tape

STEP 5:  Roll the release
paper of the seam tape.



open fold

STEP 6:  Unfold the top
sheet to its original position.



pull release paper

STEP 7:  Reach under and peel back the
release tape, holding the top sheet in place.



roll seam

STEP 8:  Firmly roll the seam, first
diagonally and then parallel to the edge.


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