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Outside corners of any angle can be flashed with Uncured Laminate Tape. This is a 6” wide self-adhesive lamination of uncured EPDM rubber and Butyl seam tape that has no “memory” so it can be permanently stretched around a three-dimensional corner. Since Uncured Laminate Tape becomes thinner as it stretches, an outside corner is always flashed with two pieces of tape, one applied to either wall, so the thickness is doubled where they overlap at the corner.

adhere roof sheet

STEP 1:  Cut the EPDM roof sheet at a
45° angle and adhere it up both walls.



clean base

STEP 2:  Clean the rubber carefully,
both on the roof and the two walls.



place first tape

STEP 3:  Tape one wall with 2” of the tacky
side folded out, extending 2” past the corner.



unfold first side

STEP 4:  Unfold the tape and
bond it to the roof sheet.



form first side

STEP 5:  Wrap the tape around the corner,
stretching it to contact the roof and wall.



clean first tape

STEP 6:  Clean the surface
of the newly applied tape.



place second tape

STEP 7:  Tape the other wall,
extending 2” past the corner.



unfold second tape

STEP 8:  Unfold the tape and wrap it
around the corner over the first tape.



place upper tape
STEP 9:  After cleaning, shingle additional
tapes to the desired height, overlapping 2”.



roll tapes

STEP 10:  Roll all surfaces
firmly with a steel roof roller.



caulk tapes

STEP 11:  Caulk the perimeter of
the tape as well as the overlap seam.


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