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With careful preparation, skylight sidewalls can be flashed with the same rubber sheet as the roof. Before the rubber roof is installed, frame the skylight openings and cut out the sheathing over the openings. Then re-install the cut panel on temporary wood blocking to cover the openings. When the rubber sheet is installed, apply adhesive to the back of the rubber as usual, but do not apply adhesive over the skylight panel. Poke holes through the four corners of the opening and carefully cut a small round circle at each hole to prevent tearing. Then follow the illustrated procedures. As an alternative, the skylight corners could also be taped (see TAPED OUTSIDE CORNERS).


cut flaps

STEP 1:  Mark and cut four flaps slightly wider than the
height of the skylight curb and with 45° corner slits.



set curb

STEP 2:  Fold back the four flaps and lower
the skylight curb into positon.



apply termination tape

STEP 3:  Apply Termination Tape around the top edge of
the curb. Do not remove the protective paper.



apply adhesive

STEP 4:  Apply Bonding Adhesive to the exposed rubber
and the skylight curb using a narrow paint roller.



press flaps into corner

STEP 5:  Using a clean board, press the rubber firmly
into the corner where the roof and curb meet.



lift flap

STEP 6:  Strip the release paper from the tape and
lift the sheet, pressing it into the adhesive and tape.



roll curb

STEP 7:  Firmly roll the rubber on
the curb to insure a good bond.



clean flaps

STEP 8:  Clean all surfaces with
toluene, naptha, or white gasoline.



tape corners

STEP 9:  Install four molded inside corners, following
the instructions for MOLDED OUTSIDE CORNERS.



roll corners

STEP 10:  Roll all surfaces of the
molded corners and skylight sidewalls.



clean corner

STEP 11:  Clean all surfaces with
toluene, naptha, or white gasoline.



apply repair tape

STEP 12:  Overlap a strip of Cured Laminate Tape to seal
the triangular areas not covered by the molded corners.



roll repair tape

STEP 13:  Roll all surfaces firmly,
especially at the roof corners.



clean repair tape

STEP 14:  Clean the edges
one final time before caulking.



caulk corner

STEP 15:  Caulk around the molded corners
and Laminate Tape with Silicone Caulk for EPDM.


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