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Molded pipe boots offer a simple and reliable means to seal small pipes such as sewer vents and electrical service entry conduit. Two sizes are available: a small boot for 1/2”, 1”, 2”, and 3” pipes and a larger boot for 4”, 5”, and 6” pipes. For larger pipes, see CURVED PENETRATIONS.

Seam Tape is pre-applied to the bottom flange of the boots which extends 3” onto the roof. Molded ridges mark each pipe size for cutting: always cut above the ridges! A stainless-steel hose clamp is provided, but a tube of Silicone Caulk for EPDM is required for installation.


cut to pipe diameter

STEP 1:  Cut just above the molded ridge
corresponding to the desired pipe size




clean rubber

STEP 2:  Clean the rubber roof
surface surrounding the pipe boot.



place boot

STEP 3:  Lower the pipe boot over the
pipe with the release paper in place.



pull release paper

STEP 4:  Slowly pull the release
paper to expose the seam tape



roll base

STEP 5:  Roll firmly with a steel
roller to bond the boot to the roof sheet.



caulk around base

STEP 6:  After cleaning around
the boot flange, caulk the edge.



caulk around pipe

STEP 7:  After cleaning the top of the
boot, caulk between the boot and pipe.



screw clamp

STEP 8:  Screw the hose clamp
around the top of the pipe boot.


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